Beyond the bulls: Pamplona’s food scene is worthy of its own party

Every year in July, Pamplona takes center stage when thousands travel to this city in northern Spain to participate in the Festival San Fermines, the running of the bulls. Between 2,000 and 5,000 people tempt fate and run with the bulls each day of the festival. But many thousand more come for the fiesta: to watch the early morning runs, party early and late, and sample the fine Navarran cuisine. There’s enough good eats to keep your mouth yearning even when your stomach is full. Here’s my story about Pamplona in the Chicago Tribune. You’ll learn a little bit about Ernest Hemingway and about why you should watch the running of the bulls instead of joining in the half-mile craziness. And, as always, I believe this will give you yet another reason to consider the allures of Spain.

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