Surprising Russia

Here is  my latest Chicago Tribune cover story, the tale of our surprising cruise through European Russia.

Amazing Egypt

Take a look at my Egypt story that was published  July 1 in the Chicago Tribune. Read the PDF below or visit the Chicago Tribune website to see the story and more photos online.egypt-tribunepage-page-001

Chicago Tribune Travel cover on Oct. 11, 2015

Chicago Tribune Travel cover on Oct. 11, 2015

Cruising the Great Lakes

Despite some bumps in the road, we didn’t give up the ship and really enjoyed our

strawberry island

The lighthouse on Strawberry Island in Lake Huron is an iconic Great Lakes image. Photo by Terri Colby

Great Lakes cruise with Haimark Travel. Take a look at my story and photos in the Chicago Tribune.

The story starts out like this:

Sizzling filets and red wine. An outdoor table above the ship’s fantail. A hot sun tempers the cool breezes of early evening and turns the ship’s wake into a molten silver stream touching the pink-and-red sunset. Dark waters ripple as far as the eye can see.

The Caribbean? The Mediterranean? Not exactly.

trib great lakes 246 (2)

Everyone should visit Niagara Falls at least once in their lifetime. Haimark’s Great Lakes cruise makes a stop on the Canadian side of the falls. Photo by Terri Colby

We were on Lake Erie, believe it or not, midway through Haimark Travel’s luxury Great Lakes cruise aboard the Saint Laurent.

The 210-passenger, small-ship cruiser offers summer trips with boarding and disembarkation points in Chicago, Toronto and Montreal.

Read the full story online at ChicagoTribune.com.


I was interviewed by WTTW anchor Phil Ponce on Monday (Aug. 3, 2015) about big-game hunting in Africa and the outrage over the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.

Lions gorge on buffalo in Kenya, where big-game hunting is banned, By Terri Colby

Lions gorge on buffalo in Kenya, where big-game hunting is banned, By Terri Colby

Many Americans don’t realize that big-game hunting is legal in much of Africa. However, it seems clear that Cecil’s hunting wasn’t conducted in a legal way as he was lured out of his protected habitat. The issues surrounding that horrific action are ongoing.

And it’s likely that there may be some financial fallout for Africa’s safari industry from it, particularly in Zimbabwe.

It’s very expensive to participate in big-game hunting in Africa. Some sites offer lion-hunting excursions at $50,000 per person, for example.

Buffalo and giraffe appear to be posing for the camera in Kenya,  By Terri Colby

Buffalo and giraffe appear to be posing for the camera in Kenya, By Terri Colby

But countries in Africa derive much more tourism income from eco-safaries, the kind where you hunt animals in order to observe them and take photos.

It’s still expensive, perhaps $10,000 a person, but I suggest everyone should plan a once-in-a-lifetime trip for an African safari to see the animals. Europe will be much the same in 20 years, I believe. But for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which is habitat loss, the wildlife in African safari regions, is diminishing at a pretty fast clip. Get there before it’s too late.

Here is the link to the WTTW site where you can watch the interview.


It’s easy to get a good shot of these lovely creatures.

I’m honored to learn today that I won three first-place awards in a Society of American Travel Writers contest, as well as the overall Henry and Vera Bradshaw writing award, selected from among all first-place winners.

The prizes, in three different categories, are for my Chicago Tribune story and photos on a safari in Kenya.

I’m rarely satisfied with my stories. But I was proud of this one, in part because I thought I came close, if only in a few parts, to capturing the magic of the experience. And that I was able to come close in only 1,000 words.


Sunset is gorgeous and a fine prompt for the tradition of sundowners, cocktails in the bush at the end of the day.

Every year in July, Pamplona takes center stage when thousands travel to this city in northern Spain to participate in the Festival San Fermines, the running of the bulls. Between 2,000 and 5,000 people tempt fate and run with the bulls each day of the festival. But many thousand more come for the fiesta: to watch the early morning runs, party early and late, and sample the fine Navarran cuisine. There’s enough good eats to keep your mouth yearning even when your stomach is full. Here’s my story about Pamplona in the Chicago Tribune. You’ll learn a little bit about Ernest Hemingway and about why you should watch the running of the bulls instead of joining in the half-mile craziness. And, as always, I believe this will give you yet another reason to consider the allures of Spain.