Check out Ugobags for affordable, custom suitcase

You might like to see my review  of a reasonably priced, custom suitcase, that was recently published on the website. From California company Ugobags, this is my new favorite piece of luggage.

This is my custom-designed suitcase, using my photograph of an Oregon waterfall as the main image on the front of the case.

I hate waiting for my bags to come around on the luggage carousel at the airport. Even when I have a bright red piece, or have attached a flashy ribbon or tag to a black suitcase, there always seems to be another piece that looks a bit like mine. With this suitcase, I don’t think I’ll be doing any double takes. And I love looking at one of my favorite photographs on the front, along with advertising for this website and my twitter handle, @colbyontheroad.

My bright green handles and wheels really stand out. There are a lot of color choices and you could even do multicolored wheels and handles if you like. You are the designer.

Pick out a really cool photo and get one of these for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy travels.

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