Kenya safari is trip of a lifetime

Sunset on the savannah.

Of my many recent travels, none compare with my safari in Kenya. It’s a trip of a lifetime and definitely worth saving for. Naturalists say it’s possible that the safari experience could be decimated in another 20 years because of decreasing animal habitat, poaching and the encroachment of modern life.

I can’t recommend it more. Don’t wait. Europe will look pretty much the same in 20 years. Not necessarily so for the African savannah.

If you’re afraid of Ebola, think again. Europe is closer to the sites of the Ebola outbreak than are the western African safari destinations.

Here is a link to my safari story that appeared in The Chicago Tribune Travel section on Nov. 9, 2014. There are 11 more photos there, so please take a look.


On safari in Kenya


One of the big birds at sunset.
Up close with a giraffe.
Africa2013 1086
Elephants are one of the big 5.

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