Reading on the road: Israel

I’ve had a dream for many years of writing stories that would give travelers who are also voracious readers suggestions on what books to take to a given destination. I’ve always packed carefully, given that I have no intention of ever using an e-reader, making sure to bring a novel set in the location that I am visiting.

Reading is one of my favorite things to do on a trip. And having a book set in the place I am visiting enhances both the reading experience as well as the journey. Reading Miguel de Cervantes’ “Don Quixote”” at a Spanish Parador is a different experience than reading it at home in front of the fireplace on a winter afternoon. Both have their merits, of course, but there’s something special about bedtime reading that highlights places you explored earlier in the day.

So my first published version of what I call Reading on the Road focuses on Israel, an amazing destination that I visited for the first time in January. The  combination travelogue book review appeared April 15, 2012, in The Chicago Tribune members-only Printers Row section. Take a look.

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5 thoughts on “Reading on the road: Israel

  1. Terri, I look forward to reading more of these stories. I also love to read books about or set in the place where I’m traveling or I’m planning to travel. We’re beginning to plan a family trip to Europe next summer (2013) – maybe you’ll have some reading suggestions for us.

  2. This is awesome. I always remember what crazy place I read a particular book. For example, I read the book “My Name is Red” by a nobel-winning Turkish author while I was in Turkey. What a delight to stroll through the streets and bazaars of Istanbul reading this mystery novel set in the same place. Great post!

  3. Terri, I read your article on “living it up in the Dead Sea”. What timing we ae planning a trip to Israel and that is one of our stops. I tried the site but when I try to click on hotels, it’s in Hebrew. Any suggestions how to get around this?

    1. I’m able to get hotel information in English from the site. Sorry you’re having trouble. But thanks for reading.

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